What is the difference between Classified ADS and Business Directory websites

Classified ADS VS Business Directory

The basic reason we are writing this post is that there is a misunderstanding about what is a Classified ADS website VS what is a Business Directory website. So we’re gonna sort this out and give our views on the differences. 

ThailandADS.com get quite a few ads that never gets published, we think this is a shame. The reason that ads never go online is often that they are written for a Business Directory site, and we are not that. We want to show how you can easily get online and become more visible.

We’ll start by telling you what we are.

What we are

We are a Thailand Classified ADS sits! Or as many others say a Buy and Sell site. A website where you buy and sell things, both used and new. All over Thailand. With a site with this simple object, it must be easy to buy. Therefore, we have a few simple guidelines.

What is the wrong with an ad like this?

Example Classified ADS VS Business Directory

The picture shows an example of an ad that was disapproved. It is written to fit on a Business Directory, not on a Buy and Sell site.

So what is wrong with this ad? If it was written to be listed in a business directory, it would almost be perfect. There you are supposed to have the information like:

Your company name, Description of your business, Company logo, etc.

But on a Buy and Sell site the focus is on the product or service – not the company.

1. Title: Your title describes what you are selling. (the product, not your company)

2. Price: Your ad must have a price. (otherwise it’s hard to buy)

3. Description: Here you describe your product or service (not your company)

4. Photo and Video: Must be relevant to what you sell. (no logo)

Solution and how it should look

Let’s go through the ad on the image step by step

1. Title: Says the Revenue Management System – OK

2. Price: O B, it will be the hard to buy if there is no price, must be specified.

3. Image: There is a logo there – it should be removed as it is not relevant to the product.

4. Description: Here you see info about the company and all services – Should be just about Revenue Management System and describe this, so people can buy.

With these changes in the example had this ad now been approved!

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