Top visitors to Thailand 2014..

Top visitors to Thailand 2014?

How will the political crisis affect visitors to Thailand in 2014 that is the question. The army has taken over administration of the country and how this will affect the development of tourism in Thailand 2014 is hard to say.

Feel free to comment and tell what you think about the future, and how you think the political crisis will affect visitors and Thailand in 2014.

Top 10 most visited countries

If you look at the statistics that are available right now (2013), it looks like this…

  1. China – about 4,7 million visitors.
  2. Malaysia – about 3 million visitors.
  3. Russia – about 1,7 million visitors.
  4. Japan – about 1,5 million visitors.
  5. South Korea – about 1,3 million visitors.
  6. Laos – about 1,1 million visitors.
  7. India – about 1 million visitors.
  8. Singapore – about 940 thousand visitors.
  9. Australia – about 910 thousand visitors.
  10. United Kingdom – about 906 thousand visitors.

A little surprise that Malaysia is in second place! But it is much visitors from China and Russia are quite clear, they can be seen everywhere. The biggest difference is probably China. From 2012 – 2013 has almost doubled the number of visitors to Thailand.

Top visitors to Thailand 2014

So what do you think about 2014? 

Maybe it’s good with the coup and that the army has taken over the government of the country. It’s hard to say.

Thailand is a very nice place to visit, generally nice people, beautiful nature, good prices and good weather – perfect for a holiday!

However, it is a pretty big risk that potential visitors in the future will find other destinations. Many travel companies in the world already recommend other tourist destinations in Asia like Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

We hope that tourism will grow in Thailand and that 2014 will be a good year.

What do you think?

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