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we have moved

We have recently moved to Everything works as it should so there is no reason for concern. We also took the opportunity to improve a bit ..

Why we changed our domain

We were pretty happy with and had planned to keep this domain over time. When we got the opportunity to buy the premium domain name instead, we bought it right away. We also believe that .Com domain is better than a .Net. We therefore chose to migrate as soon as possible. This was done today.

Some other improvements

Everything has gone well and works the same way as before. We also took the opportunity to improve our social media buttons a bit. Now they look a little different but works the same way. We chose to change to speed up the site a bit.

We hope that you will like that we upgraded to

If you have any questions regarding this, leave your comments below.

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November 4, 2013 11:02 pm

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