Terms of service – Gold Member

Please read and understand our terms for the service – Gold Member.

Last modified: May 11, 2015

1. Acceptance

The Terms of Use are always applicable. Terms of Service – Gold Member is a addition that also applies to those who purchase the service Gold Member. You agree to the terms and conditions as below.

2. Delivery of your purchased services

We want to deliver all the benefits you have as a Gold Member as soon as possible.

But unfortunately, sometimes it can take some time for us to receive the information (from you) we need to deliver the service. We have no opportunity to remind you of this more than one time. We will do that in a welcome letter that you will get as soon as your Brand Page is online, according to paragraph 3 below.

It’s up to you to give us the information we need to have in order to deliver your Gold Member service. Unfortunately, we have no ability or resources to spend hours, days or weeks to get any information or materials such as a logo or a banner.

You will find the benefits on ThailandADS Gold Member page

3. Brand Page Online

You will be able to view your Brand Page online at ThailandADS.com as soon as we have the following information and materials by you.

  1. Logotype (if you have one).
  2. Short description of your business.
  3. At least one link to social media.
  4. Business hours.
  5. Contact information.

You can then add or make minor adjustments to the text within the first week.

4. General Process

Here you can see the process step by step:

  1. You pay the service for one year.
  2. We create and publish your page (according to paragraph 3).
  3. You will get the Welcome Letter with all information you may need.
  4. You can then add or make minor adjustments to the text.
  5. We publish information as we receive it from you.

Once your “Brand Page” is online, you receive a “Welcome Letter”(with the title: welcome gold member & general information) from us with all the information you need.

Your Brand Page is online for 12 months, Which is counted from the time it is online (usually the same day you pay).

You can then ask us to update any missing information. This should be done during the first week it is online.

5. Refund Policy

If you ask us, we are happy to create your Brand Page so you can see how it looks. If you do not like what you see, you pay nothing at all (0 USD). Once you have paid for the service, we see no reason to pay this back.

Once you have paid for the service, it means that we have spent time and money on planning and creating your brand page, so we see no reason to pay back the already paid money. Furthermore, the service is very simple to understand so money will not be refunded.