Security update: ThailandADS now use HTTPS – safer for you!


ThailandADS now use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). With HTTPS you can be sure that you are connecting to a genuine site and that your communication (username and password etc) is safe. 

Why do we do this

Because it it safer for you – than if use HTTP, that most of the sites use.

The migration went without any problems and the whole site is now safer to use. However we could see that some had trouble logging in to their account just when we went over HTTP to the secure HTTPS.

If you get any problem to login to your account the solution is to recover the password and it should work just fine.

You can recover your password here.

We will also be available on the chat all day if help is needed.

What is HTTPS

Basically if you use a site who have HTTPS, it is safer for you to use that site. According to wikipedia “As of June 2016, 10.2% of Alexa top 1,000,000 websites use HTTPS as default”

If you want to learn more how it works, you can look at this video:

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