Sales Page. Free or Pro version

Get a Sales Page – Start sell today!

We introduce sales page by ThailandADS

Buy any Ad or service from ThailandADS and get your sales page for free.

Some Examples – Free Version

What is Sales Page

Sales page is a responsive and mobile friendly landing page that you get to show your products in a modern and professional way. The purpose is that you should sell more with an sales page and reach wider audience.

According to the “experts” approximately 70% of the people who visit your website or a web page will never return. We want to make this number better and give the visitors and buyers a better experience and give you as a seller more visibility and sales. We measure results, improve and develop these pages over time. The goal is clear, more sales for you!

How to get started

Just follow this simple steps and start benefit from your free sales page.

1. Get or locate your link to the sale page

When we have made your page we will send the link to you by email. However if you want to speed up you can request your sales page by sending us an email.

2. Share your link (the sales page)

Start to share your sales page (just copy the link) to your contacts and Social Media etc. You can also use it if you run marketing campaigns and need a better landing page. If you want ThailandADS to run your Social Media campaigns we can do.

This is what you get

You get your sales page for free, in a standard version. If you want to customize it , you pay a little for it.

  • A sales page ready to use with your offer – just share it!
  • Mobile friendly and professional design – Looks good everywhere!
  • Small changes included – Just tell us!
  • We measure results, improve and develop the sales page over time.
  • Later you will also get reports on traffic and results.

Please note: The free version are linked to an Ad on ThailanADS. For a small fee you can link it how you like.

Some Questions and Answers

Q: I like the idea but want a more customized page, can I get that?

A: No problem! We have a Pro version that we can customize based on your preferences. In this case you pay a small fee for that.