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Promote your business, product and services and find new customers to a very, very low price. 
You can NOT run this campaign cheaper by yourself.


Yes I want to have this offer and start to find new customers with a 30 days campaign on Facebook!

Here is what you get:

  • A Facebook campaign that we run for you.
  • We targeting and find your customers.
  • We tune and analyze your campaign for best result.
  • Normal Reach is 90,000 potential customers per month.
  • We do it for you for free (when you link to your ad)
  • You pay 3 USD per day and we pay 100 B to Facebook. 
  • You pay in total 90 USD and we pay Facebook 3,000 THB

Contact us for how to pay.

Please note: You can run your campaign yourself, but you can not do it cheaper than we do (you pay same price). We have spend years and alot of money to learn and be good at Social Media Marketing. If you let us setup and run your Campaigns you do not need to spend the “learning money” that we already have paid. 

A Success Story..

Jeff Petry Ph.D.

I have been using Facebook Campaigns run by ThailandADS and I can say that it has worked great for me. As a Social Media professional, I can run campaigns myself, but I get excellent results for the same price with ThailandADS, so this is a very efficient way for me to run my campaigns.

​I can spend my time on other work but still get this done. I can highly recommend this service to you and have no doubt you will be pleased as well. So far I have only good things to say and will continue to let ThailandADS find buyers and customers for my Social Media campaigns and for my business in general.

Jeff’s Results after a few days:

  • ​Product: Jeff aims to sell a business for 7,1 million THB
  • Goal: To find a buyer for this business for sale. 
  • Cost: I paid 3 USD per day for my campaign. 
  • Targeting: We targeted English-speaking with an age of 30 – 59, and located in Thailand + some secret settings.
  • Result: It was setup and online the same day and after a few days the leads started coming in. I have now 2 very hot leads that I am working on.

Jeff’s Ad Looks Like This

YES, I also want to have an ad like this on Facebook!

This is what I want. Buy it now and we will start to make your ad. We will show it for your before it will go online on Facebook. Often we will make it for you to see the same day. We will also confirm your payment. 

Contact us for how to pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens just after I made the payment?

A: We will confirm your payment and start to setup your Facebook campaign. We will first show you how it will looks like. This will often happens the same day as you pay.

Do you teach me how to run a campaign on Facebook with this service?

A: Not directly, we run it for you not educate and tell you all about it. If you want that you can ask us. But you will probably learn when you see how it looks like. We do not tell you exactly how we set it up and what settings we use.

Do I need to have an Ad on ThailandADS to buy this campaign?

A: Yes and No. For this price, 3 USD per day (and we pay 100 B), we need to link you campaign to an Ad you have on ThailandADS. We can still run your campaign and link it to what page you like but the price will be higher.

Do I get any receipt on my payment?

A: You will get the receipt that Paypal generates for you. We do not offer any other options. Make sure before you buy that it work for you with that receipt.

How do you target and find customers to me?

A: We have run many campaigns over the years and have +20 years in Marketing knowledge, so we have an good idea where to find your customers. We show you some settings, but also have some targeting settings that we do not show.

Is there any guarantee that I will get customers with a campaign?

A: No there is not. We use the best practise, our knowledge and common sense to have the best result for you. Our goal is to find customers for you.

What about if I already know what target is best from my business?

A: If you want us to targeting from how you tell us – we can do that as well, no problem.

If I am not happy with my result, can I have my money back?

A: We give you back under the first 30 days as below, but please understand what we do is the targeting and Facebook are deliver the people. We do not have any control over how Facebook do this. What we can do is to change the targeting and test how that works. Remember that to find customers in not an easy task, we recommend you to run this campaign over time and you will grow your business. That is how we do it ourselves.

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