Tell about your company when you post an “Service Ad” + Pro package


We have made some changes that we hope you will like. Before you could post ads in the service category for free by telling only about your service and not your business or company. However almost all ads that was posted did not follow our Guidelines and was for that reason not approved. 

We have now make it possible for you to post as all was doing before, meaning telling about your company and all your services in one ad, you can see an example below.

Now you can tell about your company when you post an ad in the Services category.

This is a new offer from ThailandADS and we call it Small Business Ad. This is an self-service and you post that ad in the Service category on ThailandADS and pay the small fee at the end of the posting process (secure via Paypal).

We have now 2 options for you.

1. Small Business Ad: Describe your company / business  and product / services – You will be online in a few mins.

2. The Business Pro “Gold Member” package that we have for a while.

How to start:
It is very easy to get started. Just click “post an ad” and select the Services category. At the end of the posting process you will be send to Paypal so you can pay the USD 5, easy and secure. The ad is online for 3 months and you can renew it after that (and pay again). But please take a look (below) at the picture (an example) fist so you know how to do.

1. The “Small business Ad”

Price is only 5 USD for 3 months. Easy to post and pay! Se the picture below how it looks like:


This is an example of a Service Ad

For this package you get:

– Your company name 2 times in the text.
– 1 link to your company (
– Related photos – without marketing text.
– A company description.
– The address to your business.
– 2 phone numbers.
– 1 link to social media.
– Easy to renew after 3 months.
Price: Only 5 USD, online 3 months. 

What not to do:
Do not write about your company name in the title, and for having your logo please upgrade to Featured.

If you want a logo just click the Featured check box when you post your ad, + 8 USD.

start now

How to start: Just click the button and select the Service category and you will soon be online.

2. The Business Pro “Gold Member”

Price is only 90 USD for 1 year. Get your own page + marketing

Ex. Gold Member

This is an example of a Gold Member page

For this package you get:

Now: Including Marketing and Social Media Campaign with a value of 60 USD meaning you actually pay only 30 USD for the “Pro package”.

– Get your own Brand page.
– Social Media targeting campaign.
– Show your logotype.
– Custom company url.
– Banner space to brand your company,
– Optimized for SEO.
– Post unlimited Ads (according to our Guidelines).
– Easy to renew after 12 months.
Price: Only 90 USD, online 12 months.

Now: Reach 50,000 potential targeted customers via Social Media (value 60 USD). This is a Social Media campaign that we run for you (included).

buy now

How to buy: After your payment we will start to create your brand page. Often you will have this the same day.

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