New Feature: “Easy Login” allowing you to login with your username or email address


Login to with username or email address

ThailandADS has 1 new and handy feature to share with you:

Easy Login – Allows you to Login / Sign in with your username or email address

(before it was only possible to login with your username)

Now you can also log in with your email address which you entered when you registered on ThailandADS. To login to ThailandADS have always been easy, and now it is even more easy, try it yourself!

Login now(Just click to try to login with your email if you like)

More information about Login

When you register on ThailanADS you enter a username, your email address and a password. Until now you have only been able to login with your username – not your email.

Many of  the major sites on the Internet such as Facebook and others, you can choose whether you want to login with your username or email address. This is because it is much easier to remember your email than a username. We are pleased to now also offer this!

We hope this feature will make it more easy for you!

Have a great day,

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