New Feature: “Bump Ad” – Get more Buyers, Visitors and Leads


ThailandADS has 1 new and handy feature to share with you:

Bump Ad – Try it yourself it is now free, 1 time per day.

This is how Bump Ad works

It’s very simple, here’s how:

  1. When you see the Bump Ad symbol – click it.
  2. Your Ad will go to the top on the front page.
  3. You can do this again after 24 hours.

Note: You can also do this from My Dashboard. You also need to be logged in to see the symbol. If you have just posted a new ad, you can use Bump Ad after 24 hours.

Example Bump Ad

When you see the Bump Ad symbol, you can use the service. With a simple click your Ad goes to the top again. Once your ad are at the top of the front page, you get maximum visibility. You can do this on both new and existing ads.

You can Bump an Ad again, (next time) 24 hours later, in other words, once a day.

You will find the Bump Ad symbol at the bottom of your ad (see example in the picture), or from My Dashboard. You must also be logged in to see it.

Why you should use Bump Ad

When post a new Ad on ThailandADS you see the ad as number 1. But after a while it moves down through the ads.

Ads that are at the top or on the first page gets a lot more visibility than if you for example are on page 50.

How often can I use the function

You can use Bump Ad for both regular and featured ads. 24 hours, or once a day.

What does it cost

The Bump Ad feature is now completely free!

We really hope you will like this new feature! Try it now and see what you think and how easy it is!

** Please note that this can be changed at any time. If we change anything about this feature, we will notify you here in the comment section below.

Questions about Bump Ad?

If you have any questions about Bump Ad, just ask in the coment section below

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