Make Easy Money: Find a buyer and get 45,000 B


This is an opportunity for you to earn some easy money. Perhaps you know someone who wants to buy a profitable business? Talk to some friends. You do not sell anything – just hand over a name to the seller. If your name leads to a purchase, you get 45,000 B..

The Deal: Find a buyer and get 45,000 B

If you find a buyer for this company you will get a *Finder’s Fee of 45,000 B.
The seller is looking for someone who wants to buy a “Marriage & Visa Agency”. The business is located in Udon Thani, Thailand, but can be run from anywhere in the Kingdom. It is making better money than ever.

How do I get the money

Find a buyer for this Marriage & Visa Agency and receive a commission of THB 45,000. This business is a going concern and making more money than ever. The owner, however, is very ill and needs to sell his business ASAP.

It is very easy, just follow this simple steps:

1. Give the seller a name, contact info. and the nationality (for communication purpuse). You can contact the seller from this Ad.

2. The seller will get back to you and accept or reject the name, as he may already know the party.

3. When a sale is made, the seller will pay you the Finder’s Fee of THB 45,000

From the seller:
““Give us the name of the prospect and we’ll confirm with you that the name is acceptable as a new prospect. Then, when a sale is made, we will pay you a fee of THB 45,000. We might reject your name if we already know or working with that name.”

About the seller and the business

The seller is a verified and trusted associate of ThailandADS.

To read more about the seller read an interview here:

You will find more about the business on this ad:

Thai Marriage and Visa Agency for Sale – Price Reduced 40%+ for Quick Sale

If you have any question, you can speak to the seller with a comment or send an email from the contact form in the ad.


** ThailandADS does not pay any money or take any responsibility related to this offer. The seller is 100% responsible and if you have any complaint you need to talk directly with the seller, not ThailandADS.

If you have something to sell / rent, and want to offer a finders fee or commission based on sales, please contact us.


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