Join the Finder’s Fee Program for sellers and make more money

Finders Fee

We go straight to the point, this is a great package for those who have something to sell or to rent out. You can become part of our network basically free. You only pay when you earn money. You decide how much it is worth to you to get a buyer.

You pay a Finder’s Fee or a Commission to the person who “finds” a buyer for you.

Update Nov 24 2016:
We have made a new Finder’s Fee Program page where you will find the latest steps and info on how it works.

Easy to start – Do like this

1) You have a product, service or anything and you want to find more buyers, customers, renters etc.

2) Post your ad in the commission deals category. Please follow this example so it is easy to understand.

3) Your ad will be online at once. We will review this deal after you post it to make sure all necessary info is there.

4) We will marketing your deal to our contacts and on Internet.

Thats it!

What do you have to sell or rent?

Just tell ThailandADS what you have to sell or rent and how much you want to give in Finder’s Fee or Commission to the person who “find” a buyer or renter to you.

To get a better understanding you can see some examples below:

Find a customer and get 45,000 B.

What commission do you offer against a buyer?
Do you also want to offer a finders fee or commission when someone find buyers or renters to your products, services, properties etc.? Just contact us and tell about your product and commission.

Send an email to;

Learn more how this works.
ThailandADS identify and negotiate a good deal with a company or a business, then we give our members and users (you) the opportunity to earn the money. Just like the offer above.

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