How to Renew your Ads and Why you should


To renew your ads is Easy and Free!

In this article you will learn How to Renew (ReList) your Ads and Why that is good for your to do. It is easy and free. If your item /product / property etc is not sold or rented there is no benefits to not renew your ad.

To delete your ad and post a new one (the same ad) is a bad idea. To Renew it is the best way to go.

Renew Ads on a computer

It is very easy and take only seconds to Renew an Ad. You do not need to ad new pictures or any text, all info is there. If you want to change price etc you can do that.

Just do like this:

1. Go to MyDashboard

2. Click the Relist Ad link

3. Category is auto selected – just click next

4, Now you see all info, pictures etc – just finish the process.

Your ads will be online at once. If you edit your Ads. ThailandADS will manually review them before approve.

Renew Ads on a mobile device


On a mobile device, a smart phone, iPad, tablet etc it looks a bit different.

Just do like this:

1. Go to My Dashboard

2. Click on the + (plus) icon and you will se the Relist link

3. All info i there just finish the process.

Your ads will be online at once!


Why you should Renew your Ads

1. When you have your Ads online for 90 days they are indexed by Google and other search engines. They can also be shared and linked in Social Media etc.

When your ads expires this links will be broken, and customers that search or find your ads will not be able to see them or contact you.

For that reason, if your items / products still is for sale there is no reasons to not renew your ads.

2. We are growing and run paid campaigns all the time. This will generate buyers that might be interested in your Ads.

So if you have ads that you can Renew, do that now!

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