How many websites are there on the Internet?


Yes, it is an interesting question! “How many websites are there on the Internet? And “What does it matter to ME” who just want to sell my stuff on Internet?

According to an article from 2008, was the total number of websites on the Internet 182 million. I’m not entirely sure that the figures are correct or not but I know for sure that Internet is HUGE and it grows every day and the competition for visibility is very high.

What does it matter to me?

If I just want to sell my stuff on the Internet! Certain things play a big role when you advertise on the Internet (regardless of the site). For example, “How you write your Title in your AD”. Your title will be searchable by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu. That is what potential customers see when they search the web. Therefore it is extremely important (for your results) that this is short and clear. See our simple Guidelines.

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