Hands-On Services

We offer you two types of services, self services and hands-on services. On this page you will learn about our hands-on services and why you should use them.

Hands-On services

Pro services that helps you to find buyers and sell faster.

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About the Hands-On services

In this service we add marketing skills from our hands-on marketing team. How much and what we do depends on what service you choose. But in general hands-on services have a much more clear focus on finding buyers for you.

To find buyers can sometimes be a tricky task and often require more work than just post an ad on Internet. To sell a business, a luxury villa, some land or a boat can take months or even a year, depending on how you do. We have a passion for this work and are happy to support you.

We support you from start to sold

Here are some of our services:

  • Finders Fee & Commission – Offer a finders fee or commission and we help you to share this ads. We and others can help you to find buyers against the finders free.
  • Facebook Campaigns – We do our part for free and create the campaign for you.
  • SalesPage Pro – We design and create your offer. You can share and link to this page in campaigns that you run or we run them for you.
  • Welcome Page – You get a 7 days Facebook campaign included in the price.

The process:

1. Build your offer

You need a neat o nice product or services package with an attractive and competitive price, well-written text and good images.

Our service: SalesPage or SalesPage Pro – with SalesPage we help you to make this package. 

2. Targeting your groups

Now you can boost and target your customers on different places on Internet. We can setup and run your campaigns on Facebook.

Our service: Facebook campaigns. 

3. Measure, analyze, improve

Measure and analyze results and improve your campaigns.

Our service: with our tools and knowledge we measure your results.