Guidelines and Rules

The purpose of these guidelines is that YOU should get a better result through our Thailand Marketplace. Therefore, we have developed some simple guidelines. By respecting and following them, helps us to create a clean and professional site and you will sell more and quicker. Follow them and You win!

with our Guidelines you win

With our Guidelines YOU win

1. The Guidelines for Free ADS

Please follow our very simple guidelines when you posting ads on

Last modified: April 8, 2017 (Paragraph 1.3)

1.1) Title / Headline

Your title (headline) should describe what you’re advertising. Simple and clear, not to long. NO company or business name in the title. Do not put any price or unnecessary characters in the title. If you post many ads, each ad must have a unique title.

Ideal Headline Length: 8–12 words & under 70 characters.

Do NOT write all text in CAPITAL LETTERS.

1.2) Ad Price

Your AD must have a price, It must also be correct.

1.3) Description field

Here you describe what you sell (your product or service), do NOT put email-adress, company name or company description in this box. Describe as best you can. The text can not be too short. Your ad text must contain at least 25 words to be approved. If you type reference number (ID), or any other number to keep track of your product, please keep this at the end of your ad – not at the beginning.

Do NOT write all text in CAPITAL LETTERS.

1.4) Links

You can use 1 link, in the link field. Its must be relevant to what you sell. It is not allowed to have any links in the text of your ad. Your link must provide more information on what you are advertising. To use redirects are now allowed.

Example if you sell a car and you have a link to your website this link is not relevant (because there is no info about the car your want to sell). This Link will be removed.

Want more links? Upgrade to Featured Ad

1.5) Photo / Video

You can have 5 photos and 1 video for free. They must be relevant to what you sell. Do not use pictures with company names or other marketing info.

1.6) Duplicates

You may not post same ad multiple times.

1.7) Username

You may register 1 user on the site. It is not allowed for the same person to have multiple usernames. Your username is not permitted to be more than two (2) words and a maximum of 16 characters long. It should not be inappropriate, offensive or provocative.

(If you want to have your full business name, you can upgrade and have that as a Gold Member)

1.8) Tags

Your Tags should make it “easier” for people to find and understand what your Ad is about. Tags shouldn’t be too specific. The purpose of Tags is to link related Ads together, not just label them.

All your Tags will be removed if do any of this: Write long sentences, use not relevant Tags, use to many, to specific or use Hashtags (we do not support Hashtags (#) at the moment).

1.9) Ad language

All info must be in English at first. You can also have it in Thai Language at the end of your ad if you like.

1.10) Marketing Purpuse

To use the ad for pure marketing purposes, i.e. not offering any concrete goods, jobs or services, is not allowed.

1.11) Renew you Ads

Your Ads are online on the site for 90 days. After that you will get an email to relist you ads (for 90 days again), you are allowed to do that.

However you are NOT allowed to delete your Ads and post same ads again on the site.

2. Additional rules and Exceptions

2.1) Job Ads

At the moment we do not accept any Job offers outside Thailand.

2.2) Car for Sale

When it comes to cars for sell, then we do not accept cars from other part of the world. The car must be located somewhere in Thailand.

2.3) Condos – Bangkok

Exception: Condos in Bangkok, we allow you to type the name of the condominium one time in the ad text.

2.4) Product / Service Location

The product, Item or Service you sell or rent must be located in Thailand (at the moment).

3. Ads we do not approve

If you do any of the following, we will immediately delete your Ads and probably your account. Here are some areas that have no value for Thailand ADS, our customers, users or our advertisers. Therefore, we review these extra carefully.

3.1) You must post your ads by yourself, not for anyone else. So ad poster from India, China etc will be removed at once. So we ask you kindly better you find another site.

3.2) Work from home, Get-Rich-Today MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Pyramid scheme ads.

(Please note that we accept these only if you upgrade them to at least Featured Ads)

3.3) If you work with Link Building and just aims to leave your link.

3.4) We accept no private loans Ads.

3.5) Well known scams often from Nigeria, Cameroon etc. We do not have much patience with these Ads. Very high risk that the ads are removed, your IP is blockade and your account will be deleted.

Note: All nationalities are welcome to! That we review some countries more carefully just means that it is more common with problems, scams etc from these countries.

4. Our approval process

Your AD goes online immediately but we review all afterwards. If you disagree with this simple guidlines please do not publish anything at this site. We own the right to modify or delete information as they are in line with these guidelines. We also own the rights to block your ip and email, remove your account etc, if you not follow the guidelines. This is absolutely nothing we want so we ask you to respect the rules.

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