Finder’s Fee Program for Sellers


Offer a Finders Fee or Commission for a buyer.

Click above and tell how much you offer for a buyer.

This is how you start

Click “GIVE AN OFFER NOW” button (above) and follow the simple steps:

  1. Post your ad in the commission deals category. Please follow this example so it is easy to understand.
  2. Your ad will be online at once. We will review this deal after you post it to make sure all necessary info is there.
  3. We help you to share this deal with the goal to find a buyer via someone who know one. The finder’s fee / commission can be paid to anyone in our network who find a buyer to you (or anyone who see your ad and give you a buyer).

This is how we work

  1. We make sure that your offer is good and that all info is there so it is easy for others to help you to find buyers.
  2. Anyone can now help to find buyers and also get the fee or commission.
  3. We use our existing and growing network, social media, emails, groups, paid campaigns etc to find buyers. How much we do depends on how good your deal is.
  4. When someone have a buyer they will contact you.

If you want to boost further, here are some ways: SalesPage, Facebook campaign.

This is why you should start

  1. Most of the business are very happy to pay a commission or a fee against a buyer. With our find-buyer-model you will reach more people that work for you.
  2. You get many people working for you to find a buyer – for free.
  3. You have nothing to lose – you can only win.
  4. Our network and sales channels are growing every day, you can easy benefits from that.

More info on how it works

We have a special model that we use to build a strong team that will help you to find new customers and buyers. You post an ad where you offer a finder’s fee or commission. We will marketing your finders fee or commission offer, not your product directly. We are looking for people who may know a buyer. This means that we will activate alot of people that indirekt will work for you.

With our model you can reach tens of thousands of people who can act as virtual seller based on your finder’s fee or commission. For best results, we often combine this with separate paid campaigns with your product offer on Facebook. For these separate product campaigns, you pay extra.

Remember that to find customers in not an easy task, we recommend you to run this campaign over time and you will grow your business. That is how we do it ourselves.

Questions & Answers

Here are answers to some common questions about this service:

Do I need to have an ad on ThailandADS for get help to find buyers?

You just post your “Deal” in the Commission Deals category.

Can I get buyers for all types of products?

This service is recommended for most products and services. Some common products are: businesses for sale and rent, houses, apartments, holiday rentals, cars, boats, land for sale, holiday tours etc..

How much does it cost to get a buyer?

That is up to you to decide. You tell how much you offer for a buyer. If you offer to low your result will also probably be low, so take your time to find a fare finders fee or commission.