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If you have any questions we would love to help you with that. Below you will find answers to many questions we receive from our users.

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Last updated: August 10, 2015

1. What is ThailandADS?


ThailandADS is a Free Buy, Sell and Rent website in Thailand. You post your ads simple and free. Both companies and private individuals are welcome. Best of all is that it’s very simple, takes only a few minutes. Your ads will be online immediately. Some popular places in Thailand are Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai.

2. What does it cost to advertise on ThailandADS?


To advertise and post ads it’s free, and you can post how many ads you want. Both businesses and individuals are welcome. No hidden fees or commissions. We also offer paid services to a low cost.

3. How do I post an ad?


Start simply by clicking on the orange button “Post an AD“. Select a category that fits what you want to sell or rent. If you can not find a suitable category, choose “other”. Then fill in the simple form, add some photos and click “continue”. Finally preview your ad. If all looks good hit publish. Done! Your ad will be online immediately. We will after reviewing your ad. If not, follow our simple guide “how to post free ads“, your ad will be deleted, so please read it.

4. Do I need anything special to use it?


No you do not need anything special to use You need an internet connection and an email address. In order to post ads for free, you must register. You’ll need your email address for that. To register is very simple and you will be logged in directly.

5. Who can advertise on ThailandADS?


Both businesses and individuals from around the world can advertise on Thailand ADS. Products and services must be related to Thailand. If for example, you are selling a car, the car must be in Thailand, if you sell a house, this must also be in Thailand and so on.

6. How long time are my ads online?


Your ads are online for 3 months. You will then receive an email so you can easily extend your ads. Once you have sold your products / services, you can go in and delete your ads if you wish. Now, however, your ads are online until you delete them. You can do this from your Dashboard.

7. How do I edit my ads?


In My Dashboard you will find these symbols. By clicking on these symbols, you can edit, delete, pause, or specify that your product or service has been sold.

8. Can I upgrade my ads to get better results?


Yes you can upgrade your ads! You will then hopefully get a better result and find customers faster. Learn more about our packages.

9. My ad was removed, why?


All ads are posted online as soon as you publish them. We review them afterwards. It is common that they do not follow our simple guide.

10. Why can I not see my Ad Tags online?


When you publish your ads, you have the opportunity to enter relevant tags. If they are not relevant to your ads, all your tags will be deleted. To specify irrelevant tags makes it harder for customers to find what they are looking for, so please do not do that. Also the Search engines do not like this.


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