An Easy Guide for How To Post Ads with Success

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Here comes a new and updated guide that gives tips on how to post ads in the best way, with the best results. Your ads will be instantly more visible and more potential customers will see your ads on

Title – One of the most important parts

When you create your ad on Thailand ADS, you enter a title that is suited for what you are selling or renting. Your title should not be too long and does not contain any strange characters. It should clearly describe what you are selling. Then when your ad is published, a link is created related to your title. You can not manually change this link later.

Pro Tip: Share, share, share, as soon as your ad is online share it. To share your advertisement via Social Media is very powerful. Use the link that you create through your title and share it with others. Once your ad is online at, SHARE IT!

What not to include in your title

  • No company name. 
  • No price.
  • No strange characters.

If you specify something as above, we can edit your title or delete your ad. The last thing we want is to remove your adverts so please respect this, thank you!


Select a category suited for what you are selling or renting. If you do not find any that fit, you can select the category Other.


All ads must have a price, it must also be accurate, stated in Thai Baht.

Exceptions: In the category JOBS is it ok to specify 0 (zero) for the price. But the best results, for example, if you write the salary you are offering.


When posting your ad, it is optional to enter the province. However, we strongly recommend that you set your province where is your product or service are located. This makes it easier for buyers to find your ads, so please do!


Here you describe what you are selling or renting out. It must be clear and really describe what you’ve given price.

Example: If you rent out an apartment for 20,000 B then it’s just that apartment you should write about.

What not to include in your description

  • Do not write your email address.
  • Do not write your company name in this box.
  • Do not add any links here (see more under Links)

Note: Potential customers contact you via a contact form on the site.


When posting ads on you can add one link to your website or a page. The page you link to has to be relevant. We do not accept advertisers who advertise only for building links. If we suspect that you are working with link building, we will remove your link. We can also delete your ad and/or your account.


It is very important that you have at least one image to your ads. Interested can very easily get a feel for what you sell. You can upload 5 images related to your ad. Each image can be up to 250 kb in size. If you have larger images than you have to reduce the size.

Tip: If you need to shrink your pictures so you can do it online. 


A picture says more than 1000 words but a video tells even more. So if you have a Video that is relevant for what you sell please use that. You can have 1 Video link in your ad.

This is an example of a video in an ad:
Note: You can see some more examples of video ads here.

OK, thats it! If you have any questions just let us know in the comments below, Thanks!

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