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Security update: ThailandADS now use HTTPS – safer for you!

News December 6, 2016


ThailandADS now use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). With HTTPS you can be sure that you are connecting to a genuine site and that your communication (username and password etc) is safe.  Continue reading …

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How to Renew your Ads and Why you should

News October 5, 2016


To renew your ads is Easy and Free!

In this article you will learn How to Renew (ReList) your Ads and Why that is good for your to do. It is easy and free. If your item /product / property etc is not sold or rented there is no benefits to not renew your ad. Continue reading …

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Tell about your company when you post an “Service Ad” + Pro package

News May 31, 2016


We have made some changes that we hope you will like. Before you could post ads in the service category for free by telling only about your service and not your business or company. However almost all ads that was posted did not follow our Guidelines and was for that reason not approved.  Continue reading …

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Join the Finder’s Fee Program for sellers and make more money

News May 11, 2016

Finders Fee

We go straight to the point, this is a great package for those who have something to sell or to rent out. You can become part of our network basically free. You only pay when you earn money. You decide how much it is worth to you to get a buyer.

You pay a Finder’s Fee or a Commission to the person who “finds” a buyer for you. Continue reading …

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New Feature: “Easy Login” allowing you to login with your username or email address

News May 5, 2016


Login to ThailandADS.com with username or email address

ThailandADS has 1 new and handy feature to share with you:

Easy Login – Allows you to Login / Sign in with your username or email address

(before it was only possible to login with your username) Continue reading …

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Make Easy Money: Find a buyer and get 45,000 B

News May 3, 2016


This is an opportunity for you to earn some easy money. Perhaps you know someone who wants to buy a profitable business? Talk to some friends. You do not sell anything – just hand over a name to the seller. If your name leads to a purchase, you get 45,000 B.. Continue reading …

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ThailandADS Welcomes Jeff Petry, AnthroSites

News March 12, 2016

Welcome to Dr. Jeff Petry of AnthroSites, Nong Khai, a satisfied ThailandADS user! He advertises businesses and houses for sale on our website. ThailandADS has interviewed him, so read on to find valuable tips for those looking to buy, sell, market or promote your business. Continue reading …

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New Feature: “Bump Ad” – Get more Buyers, Visitors and Leads

News February 16, 2016


ThailandADS has 1 new and handy feature to share with you:

Bump Ad – Try it yourself it is now free, 1 time per day. Continue reading …

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Quick update: All edited Ads are now manually reviewed

News July 6, 2015

Here’s a small improvement in how we review ads that you have modified or updated after they have been approved, and online. All Ads that you edit after they are published will now be reviewed by us manually before they appear online.  Continue reading …

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Several new pages on ThailandADS, please check them out!

News April 22, 2015


Here’s a quick update that is about some new pages that we have created, but also about other updates and improvements. The aim is to improve and simplify for you and others. Continue reading …

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