Packages Abroad

This is the page for you who want to sell and/or marketing your products / services available in a country other than Thailand (OUTSIDE THAILAND).

Last modified: June 18, 2016

Products outside of Thailand (Abroad)

It is very fast and easy for you to get started. When posting abroad ads, you do so in category “Outside Thailand” and then simply select the sub category for your country. The price depends on your country. Start from 0 (free) to $5 USD per ad and all ads are online for 3 months.

Abroad Services

We have 4 services that you can buy. We list them below.

1. Post Ads – 0 (free) to $5 USD per Ad (only in the “Outside Thailand” category)
Your ads will be online at once.

Post an Ad Now

1. Click the “post an ad” botton.

2. Select the category “Outside Thailand” and then the sub category for your country. (If not in the list, post your ad in “all other countries”)

3. Write your Ad.

4. Pay $5 USD via Paypal and you are online (If your country is free you do not have to think of this step).

post ad

2. Featured Ads – $8 to $13 USD per Ad
Better visibility on the site, more links and much more. The Featured Ad cost 8 USD and if your Ad cost 5 USD your total will be 13 USD.

3. Gold Member Abroad- $90 USD per year ($7,5 USD per month)
Get your own Brand Page to marketing your business.

example Gold Member

Please tell us and we make your Brand Page so you can see it before you pay anything. If you do not like it, you pay nothing. Contact us now!

4. Banner advertising – $40 USD per month (min 3 month)
Prices starts at $40 USD for a category banner.

Abroad Ad Posting Rules: (additional rules to the Guidelines)

  • Item location: Please tell about the location of your items. 
  • Shipping: Please tell about cost related to shipping. 
  • Delivery time: How many days, weeks etc for delivery the items.
  • Condition: Tell about the condition, used, new etc.
  • All Ads must be posted in the “OUTSIDE THAILAND” category.
  • We do not approve any Jobs or Cars.