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Self Services & Hands-On Services. Free or Paid.

(Secure payment via Paypal. All prices are in USD.)

Basic Ad

Post free ads now

Online for 90 days.

Renew after 90 days.

This is a free self-service!

Bump Ad

Bump your ads for free now

Get your Ads to the top with a click.

You can do 1 Bump per 24 hours.

This is a free self-service!

This means that you can Bump all your ads, 1 time per day.

Sales Page

Get your Sales Page for free now

Look good with a free Sales Page.

This is a free self-service!

Abroad Ad

Online for 90 days

All Ads outside of Thailand goes here.

Price depends on category (free – $5).

Featured Ad

$8 for 90 days

Stand out to a small cost.

This is a paid self-service!

Start post your ad and pay $8 at the end of the posting process.

Small Business Ad

Tell about your business

Tell about your services and business in 1 Ad.

Online for 90 days with easy renew.

This is a paid self-service!

Start post your ad and pay $5 at the end of the posting process.

Business Pro “Gold Member”

$90 for 12 months

Brand your business for 1 year.

This is a paid self-service!

Banner Sidebar 300×250

$1 per day. 30 day package

Your banner on the right hand side.

Will show on multiple locations.

Banner size 300×250 px.

We make the banner for you!

This is a paid self-service!

Read more about Banners

Finders Fee / Commission

Online for 90 days

Get help to find buyers.

Offer a finders fee or commission.

This is a free hands-on service!

See some deals online 

Facebook Campaign

$3 per day. 30 day package

We do our part for Free.

We pay Facebook 100 B per day.

We run and do it all for you.

This is a paid hands-on service!

Read more about Facebook Campaigns

Sales Page – Pro Version

$10. Valid for 3 months

Change the logo to your Logo.

Remove the link in the footer.

Link to your website (one link).

This is a paid hands-on service!

Read more about Sales Page 

Welcome Page

$30 for 1 month

Your ad will be listed on this page

Reach more potential customers and buyers.

1 time in our newsletter send to about 4,000 people.

NOW Includes a 7 days Facebook campaign (value $20).

This is a paid hands-on service!

We are marketing the welcome page and reach about 5,000 people per day in our campaigns.

What a customer say


I have been using Facebook Campaigns run by ThailandADS and I can say that it has worked great for me. As a Social Media professional, I can run campaigns myself, but I get excellent results for the same price with ThailandADS, so this is a very efficient way for me to run my campaigns.

I can spend my time on other work but still get this done. I can highly recommend this service to you and have no doubt you will be pleased as well. So far I have only good things to say and will continue to let ThailandADS find buyers and customers for my Social Media campaigns and for my business in general.
Jeff Petry, Ph.D.                 



Here are answers to some common questions about our services:

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer you 2 types of services, self-services and hands-on services, both free and paid options.

How do I pay?

You pay with Paypal, easy and secure.

What is a self-service?

Self-service is a service where you do the work to find customers or buyers via our marketplace.

What is a hands-on service?

In this service we add marketing skills from our hands-on marketing team. How much and what we do depends on what service you choose. But in general hands-on services have a much more clear focus on finding buyers for you.

If you have any questions just send us an email.