Banner Advertising on is now raked by Alexa as #83.746 website in the world.

The rank in Thailand is #775. You can also see stats on Similarweb.

Alexa Rank Thailand ADS

Rates and Sizes

People have for some time been asking us about Banner Advertising on So therefore, we are now happy to present four packages.

Package 1 – Top Header Banner

  • Banner at top header. 
  • Size is 468 x 60 px.
  • Your Banner will show on all pages on the site.
  • We rotate a maximum of 3 banners
  • Price: 60 USD per month.

Package 2 – Side Banner

  • Your Banner on the right side, in multiple locations
  • Size is 300 x 250 px.
  • Appears on all pages, in all classified ads, in all blog posts.
  • We rotate a maximum of 3 banners
  • Price: 50 USD per month

Package 3 – Category Banner

Package 4 – Ad / Search / bottom Category Banner

  • You will see your banner randomly in:
  • Single ad pages / Search result pages / Category pages (at the bottom)
  • Size is 300 x 250 px.
  • We rotate a maximum of 5 banners
  • Price: 20 USD per month

(The link go to an ad on, if you want link to your website the price is 30 USD per month)

Note: Minimum term is 3 month. If you buy more than 6 months, we will give you 10% discount. If you buy 12 months we will give you 15% discount. (These prices are valid only if you pay it all at once).

Benefits for you growing fast right now. So if you for instance buy a banner for 12 months, so we believe that you are doing a really good deal.

We are planning a series of paid marketing activities in the future. Activities on Facebook and Google. Then it is likely that more visitors see your banner.

Start Now

Send us an email with your banner and link to your website. Payment is via Paypal, we will send you a link and you can pay with your Visa card.

Available Discounts

For the moment we have no discounts for the service Banner Advertising.