Rasson Victory II Pool table – Best seller 2018

205,000 ฿

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This table is used in Mosconi Cup, World Cup of Pool, World Pool Masters, GB9 Ball Tour, Wyoming Open, Kings Cup Philippines, WPBL, Venom Trickshots…

The Victory Tournament pool table is a tournament style high quality pool table featuring a 3 piece slate bed, perfectly flat with a tolerance less than 0.1mm thanks to high level precision machinery cutting.

Top rails are high density wood with phoenolic injected resulting in a luxurious look and an extremely durable finish which warp, scratch, moisture and heat resistant.

The patent pending cabinet leveling system allows the steel frame to be leveled independently from the pedestal leg design.

1. 30 mm Pro Slate
2. Adamath-Wood rail
3. Artemis cushions
4. Steel Support Beam
5. Slate Leveling System
6. Cabinet Leveling System
7. Patented T-shape Pockets

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